Aberdeen interior design full renovation

Aberdeen Loft

Services: Full renovation (Industrie)
Nature: residential
Interior Design Discovery Bay Yacht home decoration by Urban Design and Build


Services: Home decoration
nature: residential (Yacht)
interior and exterior design Sai Kung Green Field Villa urban design and build Hong Kong

Greenfield Villa

Services: Full renovation + Home decoration (Neo Classica)
nature: residential
interior and exterior design rooftop urban design and build Hong Kong

Simplistic Elegance

Services: Rooftop renovation
Nature: Residential
Interior Design by Urban Design & Build Green Span, dining area

Green Span

Services: Full renovation + Home decoration (eco)
Nature: Residential
Serviced Apartment interior design Hong Kong


Services: Full renovation (Industrie)
Nature: Serviced apartment
Whitely Open Plan home decoration interior design full renovation

Whitely Open Plan

Services: Full renovation + Home decoration (minimal)
Nature: Residential
Shelley Vert Interior Design Eco set

Shelley Vert

Services: Full renovation + Home decoration (Eco)
Nature: Residential

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Need an apartment with real character? We offer a range of design schemes for you to choose from:
Urban Design Build & ATRIA Puzzlebox serviced apartment interior design hong kong


chic & rustique

A design orientation that fuses a new wave style and artistic wall decorations with an urban and vintage trend. Unique and affordable creations designed from unique design ethiques.
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Minimal Interior Design


clean and sharp

This style is a form of extreme accuracy, less is more.The emphasis is on simplicity, the colors may be dull or bright, in any case flashy colors. Pieces are either geometric shapes or clean lines.
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Greenspan Eco Interior Design


fresh & holistic

Design emphasis that’s is based on our natural environment and our altruistic desires of living in a World of serenity and a lifestyle that of one that is responsible towards the greater environment.
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Classic Interior Design

Neo Classica:

Modern & Vintage

A respect to our heritage yet a vision towards the future. A style that is striking yet subtle enough to make any space cozy as possible. A style that captures best of all Worlds.
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Not your style? Don't worry, we also custom make your ideas. Let's try Free Style.

freestyle design

Our 4 sets may not be in favour of you because you may have your own spectacular ideas in renovating your dream home. So why not be the designer! Upon consultation, we will provide you our advice to your design so you can achieve a masterpiece. Our team could also think of the set that is yours, a ‘Freestyle’ set! Give us your requirements and some ideas, and we will help you to develop a tailor-made set which is unique and owned by you!

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