Lighthouse, Designlike (2013)

2nd May 2013 / News
Small 450 Square Feet Apartment Design in Hong Kong
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Houzz Tour

12th Apr 2013 / News
Our project "PUZZLE BOX" x Atria serviced apartment has been featured in HOUZZ, one of the...
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Handmade Wooden Box

26th Mar 2013 / News
The three R’s (Reduce, reuse and recycle) is one of our design philosophy. Last week, our constructor
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Atria Serviced Apartment

13th Mar 2013 / News
By the end of last year, we finished a huge project with Atria. We successfully renovated the 1960s...
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Our Houzz Account

13th Mar 2013 / News
Our company has just set up a company profile under Houzz, one of the leading online platform for home...
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Typography Poster for your home decor

12th Mar 2013 / News
Our creative team has designed a few typography posters for home decor.
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What they say

"The most beautiful in the apartment - it's light and color. And here they are intertwined into one due to yellow accents on the stained glass window separating the apartment...."


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